4 Reasons why you must learn Android Programming

Android is a platform for mobile application development, and its progress is very rapid. Android now dominates the application market for smartphones. With an increasing number of apps and users, and supported by Google, and some tablet or smartphone manufacturers that support android technology, it is certain that the time spent on creating Android apps is a good investment. Aside from that, you can visit https://inixindojogja.co.id/?s=kursus+jaringan+komputer+jogja and try the recommended Android programmer training classes.

There are at least 4 reasons why it is necessary to learn android programming:

1. If you already have basic programming, it is not difficult for you to learn the concept of android programming

2. Tools, platforms, to frameworks are mostly free, so you do not have to spend much capital to learn android

3. Increasing the number of Android devices, meaning more and more Android users, means more and more applications to offer

4. You can choose to be a freelance or join another company, lots of vacancies for android programmer