Desktop Computers Vs Laptops: Which Is More Fun For Gaming?

In the world of gaming, there is one dilemma that until now faced by gamers: should play games using a desktop computer or gaming laptop? You may even experience it. It is common knowledge that gaming activity is strongly influenced by the quality of the devices you use. The more sophisticated the device, the game experience will be more exciting. In the past, gaming laptops have become excellent among the gamers. However, along with technological developments that are more advanced, now much-emerging gaming special laptop that began to get a place in the hearts of gamers. On our website, we provide the best laptop gaming such as 13 inch gaming laptops 2018.

In terms of flexibility, the laptop is certainly superior because you can take it anywhere in a practical way. So you can play games anywhere. On the other hand, there are still many gamers who consider that any sophisticated specification of a laptop, its performance will not be able to surpass the desktop computer. Is that true? Let’s see the various pluses and minuses of gaming desktops and laptops in terms of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Graphics Processing Unit is a processor that is tasked specifically to process the graphical display. In this case, desktop computers are considered to have better GPU performance. Due to the size that tends to be larger than the laptop, the computer is able to accommodate more components to optimize overall engine performance. However, over time, the performance of GPUs on laptops touted began to overtake a desktop computer. According to NVIDIA, the company’s leading graphics card manufacturer, in the year 2010 first, Fermi-based GPU 480M products made only 40% of the performance equivalent to 480 desktop computers. However, NVIDIA has managed to reduce that gap and improve performance by up to 60% by using Kepler-based 680M GPU. Now, NVIDIA claims that the 980M GPU homemade even already have a performance of 70-80% as fast as the flagship GTX 980.