Why Doors Should Not Be Opened When The AC Is On?

AC in a room usually has power and is selected based on need. AC is only able to cool the room only. However, in the use of air conditioning, it would be better if you routinely perform service and air conditioning cleaning in the best ac service such as airconservicingsingapore.com/. In addition, you also have to close the door when turning on the AC because otherwise, it will happen some things below!

1. The air from the hot outdoors will burrow inward and the already cold air will blur first.

2. Room became slow cold

3. And of course, the AC will be less than the maximum work and cost wasted.

4. So it can be said that when the air from outside the room comes in because the door or window is open, the greater the volume of air that must be cooled AC.

AC was continuing to work to cool the room but his efforts were in vain. It is because when the air is getting cold, directly invaded again from outside hot air. The room was never cold. And when the door/window is not opened, the air that needs to be regulated air conditioner remains that it will becomes cold fast and the temperature is maintained within the desired range.