Making your content becomes google-friendly

One thing that Google hates is duplicate content, the content that appears on your site and is also published on other web pages. Taking content from other sites will not make the ranking last long, what if the content is stolen. Google penalizes sites that have too much duplicate content. Therefore even the Jasa SEO Murah will make their client’s contents carefully at all cost.

The message is simple: do not copy other people’s content, if your site displays duplicate content, it should be deleted.

Remove Thin Content

Thin Content is content with little content, or also called bony content.

The more fat the content, the better chance of getting a good rating in search engines.

The fact is that!

Vice versa, the smaller / less your content the more difficult to get a rating in the search results.

For that write more content for your blog. So gradually the rankings will rise by itself.

Create Epic Content

Epic Content has above average quality compared to regular content, the flagship content that is the pillar and the most important of any content you’ve created, which can help improve ratings on Google.

This epic content provides one-stop-solutions resources for everything the user wants to know on a particular subject written based on a keyword or niche blog.

And the page you are currently reading can also be called Epic Content.