Superior Cable VS Satellite Internet

The majority of internets around the world today are connected via submarine cables, but that does not mean the internet service business via satellite faded. Some companies like continue to provide services via satellite because they have an advantage in terms of unlimited reach, including in Indonesia which is an archipelagic country.

Attempts to bring internet connection via satellite have been long and always done. Satellite mission with the capability of presenting a popular internet connection in the 1990s. Teledesic, a satellite funded by Bill Gates is an example. As of June 2017, there are 3.8 billion Internet users worldwide. This is equivalent to 51 percent of the world’s population.

Attempting to provide internet connection to Earth’s inhabitants who do not reach the internet is a big challenge. Until the end of 2016 Internet traffic is sustained by a 1.3 million kilometer cable alias to support 99 percent of the world’s internet traffic. Unfortunately, the cable has some drawbacks due to its limitations. For remote areas, the satellite is a hope.