Two ingredients for carpet cleaning

Carpet is one of the precious furniture for the interior of the house. However, with the many activities that exist in the house, the carpet becomes easily dirty and remove odor. We’d like to share with you two tips for getting rid of smells from your carpet using ingredients at home. Meanwhile, you can also go to to hire an excellent carpet cleaning near you.
1. Using baking soda

Baking soda can absorb water that is on the carpet easily and also eliminate the unpleasant smell in the carpet. How to use baking soda to remove odor from the carpet is as follows:

Sprinkle baking soda onto a smelly sofa surface. The amount of baking soda used can be adjusted to the size of the carpet that smells

Make sure the baking soda has entered the inside of the carpet

Leave for several hours and if possible leave for the night

The next day, vacuum your carpet until no baking soda is left

Repeat the above steps if the odor still smells from your carpet

2. Vinegar

Another option to eliminate odors on the carpet is to use vinegar. Although vinegar also has a strong odor, after the vinegar is dry then the smell will also disappear. So do not worry if using vinegar to get rid of the smell on the carpet. How to use vinegar to remove odor from the carpet is as follows:

Put vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray the vinegar evenly onto the carpet surface but do not let the carpet surface too wet

Leave until vinegar dries, to speed up this process you can turn on the fan or open the window

Repeat the above steps if the carpet still smells less pleasant