The proper way to brush your teeth according to dentists

Almost everyone thinks they know how to brush their teeth, but in reality, many people do not brush their teeth properly. People prefer tooth whitening products, toothbrushes, and threads without really knowing how to use them properly. It’s important for anyone to brush their teeth the right way, so they won’t suffer from dental diseases that can only be treated by the best local dental clinic.

Ways to consider when brushing your teeth:

How to brush should be able to clean all deposits on the surface of the teeth and gums well, especially gum pocket and interdental space.

Rub gums and front teeth for a few seconds in a circular motion.

How to brush your teeth should be precise and efficient.

The maximum toothbrushing frequency is 3x a day after breakfast, lunch and before bedtime, or at least 2x a day after breakfast and before bedtime.

Brush quickly along the surface of the rubber or face over your teeth.

And end your mouth rinse.

The right time to brush your teeth should be no more than 2 minutes.

When starting to brush your teeth, do not have to use pressure on the teeth and gums. You should also make sure that you clean the food surface as well.
Use the right toothpaste.

You can choose toothpaste that can prevent a toothache, eliminate sensitivity, and gingivitis.