Things that cause your hair falls

Hair loss is actually a natural process that occurs in anyone, both women, and men. The cause is also various – kind. Hair loss is said to be normal if every day there are only 25 to 100 hair loss hairs only. If more than that number it can be said excessive hair loss. The cause of excessive hair loss can be caused by many factors. Not a few people to panic because hair loss is getting worse and feared will cause baldness. In the meantime, you can also see reviewsfactor to find a digital guide in dealing with hair loss.

The condition of the reduced pockets of hair causes excessive hair loss and hair ability to grow to decrease drastically. The cause of severe hair loss caused by this hormone makes 70% hair loss occurs in men and about 40% occur in women.

The cause of hair loss is excessive in women and how to overcome it.

In addition to DHT hormone disorders, excessive hair loss or severe hair loss can be caused by the following conditions:

Lack of nutritional intake and vitamins

Lack of nutritional intake can cause hair health problems that can eventually cause hair to fall out easily. Lack of food intake containing vitamin E, A, C, D as well as some minerals and also zinc will make hair health decreases and ultimately causes hair to fall out easily.


Causes of hair loss can occur in hair that is often treated with chemicals for hair styling purposes. The use of chemical substances can cause hair easily damaged and eventually fall off.

Use of drugs

Another cause of hair loss is the use of drugs. Continuous drug use against some diseases such as arthritis, heart, depression, and hypertension or high blood pressure can cause hair loss.

Stress or psychological pressure

Psychological pressure or stress can cause hair thinning. But some opinions suggest if hair loss caused by psychological factors is temporary.