Writer’s Mistakes in Writing a Personal Story

To be a writer is not easy. Well if you are a beginner writer, then it would be better if you write about your personal experience first as a beginning. You can start by writing down your travel experience to local spots in Phoenix. But it should be noted that usually the author who wrote his personal story into the novel sometimes want to tell according to the original state, write down as it is. That’s why sometimes the author makes the reader confused about some things. Is that? Here’s the review!

1. Write the scene per scene according to the original sequence of events experienced by yourself.
You do not have to enter all instances in detail and detail just because that’s exactly what happened. The readers may get bored, feel the scenes are not important, and when deleted it does not disturb the course of the story, or even when deleted instead makes the story nice to read.

2. Too many characters
Most characters will make the reader dizzy. Many characters are ultimately felt important by you, but not important to be presented. It can be tricked by bringing several figures into one character.