Benefits of Educational Foam Block Toys for Children

What are the advantages of toy foam blocks so that every school provides for children? Here are some benefits of educational toys foam blocks for children!

1. With toy foam blocks then the child will learn to count the number.

2. Toy foam blocks will teach children about big and small, more and less, tall and short

3. Game foam blocks will help children recognize geometric shapes, such as cubes, rectangles, cones, cylinders

4. With toy foam blocks then the child will learn about the classification of the form in accordance with the place. The child will certainly learn to arrange according to his partner and the child will also learn to neatly compile when the child has finished playing foam blocks.

5. The child will learn to unite the foam blocks in different sizes to become a form in accordance with the power of imagination and creativity.

6. Children will learn a lot about patterns that will hone their creativity in creating a shape crease according to the available foam blocks.