Unique Limousine Around The World!

According to people, owning a limousine car is only among the rich. It is true, some of the owners of the following unique limousine car are owned by people who have a lot of money. Owning a limousine car, is a pride of its own because it can walk around the city and also show off. But if you do not have it then no need to worry because now you can easily rent it at the Limousine Service Los Angeles. Apart from that, here are some of the World’s Most Unique Limousines!

1. Pink Hummer Limo
This limousine has laser lights, three televisions, strobe, sound system with 1800 watt power (wow), Discotheque Floor, starlight, optical lamp, pink leather in the car interior, 22 “Chrome alloy.It is popular among ladies2 who love to party while traveling city.

2. World’s Longest Limousine
This limousine has a total length of 100 meters which is more than 30 m. Limousine It has 26 tires, space for many passengers, a Jacuzzi of hot water, sun deck, swimming pool, some beds and a helipad.