How Many Calories Are Needed For Breakfast?This is The Answer

As someone who has a lot of solid activities and works to do, you need nutritious food at breakfast. The breakfast menu you need must contain enough fiber and carbohydrates that are not excessive. One of the restaurants that provide this breakfast menu is Mc Donalds, you can see the schedule they provide at It certainly will make it easier for you to know when to come there.

Then, exactly how many calories should be obtained at breakfast?
In healthy people, the total requirement in a day is about 45-60 percent of total caloric needs. Meanwhile, for breakfast, you need about 20 percent of those calories. at breakfast, the portion of carbohydrate you need is about 225-300 grams or the equivalent of one portion of rice and two pieces of white bread.

These needs will be matched with various activities that you do in one day. You should not accept lower or higher calories at breakfast.