Consumption of This Type Of Food To Get Good Body Resistance needs to be maintained for good health. With good endurance, any activities that will be done will be easily solved properly. To keep the immune system in order to always be in the best quality there are some things you need to do, such as enough sleep and exercise. In addition, you also need to control the food that enters your body. some of these foods are thought to be able to maintain the immune system you have.

– Meat
This food contains many elements that are very important to produce and add white blood cells. For that, this food is powerful to help us fight disease.

– Eggs
Eggs contain several vitamins, especially vitamins D and B complexes that have the potential to eradicate the disease and facilitate the flow of blood in the body.

– Mushrooms
These foods can help the production of white blood cells that play a role in the immune system. Nutrients that are contained in mushrooms are also able to improve the health of the body.