Definition of Family Counseling

Family counseling is basically the application of counseling to specific situations. This family counseling focuses on issues relating to the family situation and the organization involves family members. Visit if you need help in family counseling.

Family counseling views the family as a whole that family members are an inseparable part of the child (the client) both in looking at the problem and the solution. As a system, the problems experienced by a family member will be effectively overcome if involving other family members. In the beginning, family counseling is primarily directed at helping children to adapt better to their environment by improving their family environment

Other problems are also addressed because family members experience less harmonious conditions within the family due to stressors of cultural changes, new ways of managing their family, and how to deal with and educate their children. Based on experience in handling family counseling, the problems encountered and consulted by counselors include families with children who are disobedient to parents’ expectations, conflicts among family members, separation among family members due to work outside the region and children who have learning difficulties or socialization.