Reasons for Umrah

So, do you make the decision to visit when having a plan for Umrah or Hajj? The following are common reasons why people do Umrah.

Fulfill a promise

There are also those who go to perform Umrah worship because to fulfill the promise or vow. If successful in a business or whatever it is. However, many feel that after seeing the majesty of the Ka’aba that may not be expressed in words, hope to be back again someday.

Want to Go Back

For those who have ever gone to the Holy Land, there is always a longing to go back there. Moreover, when knowing that the prayers in congregation fardhu Masjidil Haram, for example, get reward 100000 times as much or one prayer at Nabawi Mosque reward 1000 times more prayers in other mosques. This reason also makes people come back to perform Umrah or Hajj for second, third and so on.