Tips for buying an inherited land

If you already understand a lot about selling land inheritance, what about buying land inheritance? For that, you should be careful if you intend to buy a land of inheritance. First look at the status of the land first. Especially in terms of legality and you also have to make sure who the heirs of the land. Sometimes, the land seller is only authorized to sell the land by the heirs or the actual landowners. Meanwhile, you can check out the buy-to-let insurance program if you’re looking for the recommended land insurance service.

There is also the case of someone who sells his estate without the knowledge of other heirs. Surely it will be a problem because in fact all the heirs must be involved in buying and selling transactions.

For that, consider the following tips so you can be sure to buy an inherited land.

The existence of a power of attorney made specifically for the seller or any party other than the written heirs you have to trace. If it turns out that the seller only has a power of attorney, then the power of attorney serves only limited management purposes and is not a power in the matter of selling.
If the power owned by the seller is not written or only verbally, the provisions you can not make a sale and purchase transactions. To be more secure, a power of attorney is made on the knowledge of a notary, there will be a notary’s identity such as a seal or signature in the power of attorney. Or at least the letter-making is known and authorized by the local sub-district head or village head. Later the Lurah or Camat will act as witnesses.

If the heirs are more than one person, they must all be involved and are listed by name and signature individually in the power of attorney. That’s why you should keep track of who the heirs of the land are. Look for information from citizen parties. You do not need to hesitate with the seller, as this is a common security procedure. Once you know who the heirs are, whether direct or written because not everything can be involved. Make sure before the sale and purchase transactions of inherited land, the problem will not appear in the future.